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Titanfall 2 Is Sony’s Next Victim and the Internet Knows It

Dedicated servers from Microsoft and EA Games is what really added that extra strength to Titalfall and made it the powerhouse that it is. These servers don’t screw around and collision detection, bullet time, and even lag issues were almost non-existent from launch at least on the PC version of the game. The Xbox ONE also used them and certainly benefited from the power these servers brought to the overall gaming experience. Users were all shocked at the stability these servers were sporting and the infrastructure made the new on every game blog that covered it. Unfortunately now it looks like Titanfall may change how it is going to do business.

EA uses crappy servers. This is known throughout the gaming community and they have even released that they use old server technology that runs a bit shaky to be kind. Ask anyone playing Star Wars: The Old Republic what they think about the server technology they are playing on. You will get a loud, fast response. Unlike how the servers work (BAAAAZING!) EA servers have also reared their ugly drives in the Battlefield series and the connection issues in that game are epic.

EA often blames the massive popularity of the game for some of the issues, but that isn’t much of an argument given how long it’s been out. Bugs that lead to crashes that will be fixed in sometime in the hypothetical future are also cited but never addressed. It may be time to cut bait on this game if no no other reason than to send the message that even you will eventually give up on crappy service and buggy software. If a few more fanboys would do this we might get somewhere, but I digress.

James Noles at PVP Gamer said, "Our frost mage pvp guide was about to be launched and we were testing it on a private server running older server tech and it was awful. I don't know how EA can get away with it".

Not to beat a dead horse but check out GTA Online: Heists. Or try too, it is rarely playable and when it is you won’t enjoy it, that’s for certain. The Playstation Network is a HUGE part of this issue and it has sucked for years. That’s right, years. There is no excuse for how long that network has failed consistently across multiple platforms. Blame the PS3 design if you like but remember that when Destiny released on the PS4 suddenly the PSN Friends list blew up and stayed borked for weeks. Regardless of who is to blame fanboys will rally and make excuses for Bungie, EA, the PSN, fluoride in the water, vaccines, or whatever else crazy shit is going on but the facts remain the same. The service stinks and the great games suffer for it.

Now back to Beat Maker Online. The release was smoother than expected and the service ran fast and responsive for the most part. The game worked and customers got to use the product they purchased without a neverending parade of slowdowns and bullshit. Few people were searching for Internet service providers by zip code that weekend.
So because everything went perfectly obviously we need to change the way we release Titanfall 2. In fact let’s let people play it across servers that are proven not to work on a network proven to be unstable to the point of being unplayable.  Let’s release it on the Playstation 4 and reap the whirlwind.

OK guys. You know what you are doing is a bad idea and the players know it as well. If Titanfall 2 is released on the PS4 just play TF1 for 6 months then take a look. It might be working right by then.